Moments SWDBS Episode 12

Moments from SWDBS Episode 12 - just to make your hearts flutter more.
 Highlight: The kiss.

when AMH squeals at the Bong-Bong Min-Min calls.

 The office romance.

 The scene at the beach.

 And that cliche 'Thank You for being in my life' bla bla bla (but I still love it hahahaa)
And then there's this scene where AMH puts on tracking device in a pendant meant for Bong Soon so he can know her whereabouts in order to save her anytime.
 The pendant is nice. Really I am jealous of Bong Soon now.


Moments SWDBS Episode 11

SWDBS Episode 11 moments for puppy couple.
It's a conflict but it's a very sweet episode.
 The way PHS drew heart on the glass.
 Aww look at PHS when he received the text message from PBY.
 The lunch scene.

 The public affection.
 And they went back being goofy again.

 Bonus: These images of PHS with hearts in background (as in PBY imagination), I think that's just how PHS appears in most girls' thoughts. Hahaha.