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Lazy Friday

I am freaking lazy today.
I was supposed to go to Annex and send the application for the new student card but I woke up late and the counter was closed at 11 (even before that). So well, guess I have to wait for next Monday.
I didn't even go to the phytochemistry lab.
Duh. Whatever. Let other people do lah. Takkan tiap2 minggu orang yang sama je nak kena buat kan.
Oh, so, I went to ITB to take my new ATM card and then I went to see Yati and her parents who happened to be there.
Then we went to the factory outlets along Jalan Dago for her dad wanted to buy clothes.
While waiting we decided to drop by at Akar Spa.
Sayangnya semua therapist dah full, so cancel je booking.
BTW, I went to this Spa and Reflexology Center the day before my birthday. It was quiet OK.
Ni harga therapies available here.
So then we went for dinner at Dago Plaza, at the Rumah Bu'de. We had Nasi Liwet. It's nice in there.
Then we went back. I dropped by at the DVD store to buy some new release.
I bought this Korean horror titled Ghastly, then the new movie I don't Know How She Does It and Jane Eyre.
My housemate wanted me to buy some movies so we can watch together.
I don't think I could stay to watch them tonight.
Too tired already.
Good night.
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