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Real Steel

Its Friday.
I went to the class this morning for 1 hour ++, then to the lab for the alkaloid test to our compound.
Then I went back home, didn't have my lunch until Shah suggested we go for movie.
So we went for Real Steel.
A bit excerpt for the movie:
Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie Kenton a small-time boxing promoter, who once dreamt of winning a boxing title, before 8ft tall steel robots took over the ring. Struggling to get by, building scrap metal robots for back-street fights, Charlie eventually hits rock bottom. When his estranged son Max ends up in his care, the two reluctantly team up and hit the boxing circuit. One rainy night, Max finds discarded robot Atom in a junk yard, these three lost souls find the way to become the one thing they need the most - a team. Smart, stubborn and each with the heart of a champion, these united underdogs fight their way to the WRB's biggest arena, where against all odds, they get one last chance at a comeback. REAL STEEL is directed by Shawn Levy ("Night at the Museum"), is produced by Robert Zemeckis and also stars Evangeline Lilly ('Lost').

I love it.
It was...
Very nice sound tracks.
In fact I'm downloading them now.
Good actors.
I love the kid.
I love the robots. Especially the 'Noisy Boy' and of course the 'Atom'.
There are few scenes of the robot dancing with the kid.
I so love it!

A good movie.
Go watch it! Hehe.
Have a happy weekend everyone!
And Happy coming Eid Adha!
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