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I sent the fyp proposal today.
I didn't see the SV though. He was already gone.
I just left the report outside his room.
My fault though. I had it done so late.
Seriously I'm freaking tired.
Maybe I didn't do much though, but I just felt exhausted.
Did the alien or vampire suck my energy when I fall asleep at night?
 I have been working on the report for days.
I got tired, fell asleep at times that I didn't even notice (Yes I slept on the floor), I woke up, continue reading those whatever journals, typing, get confused, and doing all those over again.
Plus, keeping up with the diarrhea condition which keeps visiting me all over.
Maybe this is how I looked like while working on the proposal
 Even after it has been sent still I don't feel an ease at heart.
I need to discuss again with the SV for actually I wasn't even sure.
There are gonna be lots of things to be edited. Surely.
This is just a start, a lot of things to be done for the FYP actually.
It's just bothering me so much.
Seriously please, I need to sleep!

And there are lots of slides for Pharmacology Toxicology exam on Friday.
Lots of drug names, lots of mechanisms.
I can't take it anymore.
I'm too tired it's hard to digest.
I'm too tired at one time I can't even think.
Good night.
p/s: I hope I got better after I rest. Hopefully I can wake up early and start reviewing the notes.
Or, not?

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