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HIM - another random post

I cooked Laksa Johor for buka puasa today.
Gambar sekadar hiasan. Yang ku buat ada la lebih kurang macam ni, hehe.
And I prepared the food while listening to Boys Over Flower OST.
Yes, that fever ain't over.
 Truthfully there's only one character out of the F4 that I like.
Song Woo Bin.
Or rather, I like Kim Joon himself.

Others are just so-so...
Not even Lee Minho (who plays Goo JunPyo in the drama).

Anyway he's the best out of all.
Hope to see a much cooler him after the military service.
(He's so cool already!)
Be safe in the army, I'll be waiting for your new drama after 2013.
(I watched KBS2 drama Crime Squad / Detectives in Trouble / Homicide Investigation just to see him. But the drama was good, I recommend you to watch it.)
There's also Japanese drama Pygmalion's Love which is ... Well honestly the story is kind of confusing though but it's OK for me, coz Joon is in it. Hehe.
Bye peeps.
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